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I am working for two local NGOs in Mwanza, Tanzania. Let me give you some information about the organisation, that has given me the opportunity to do so:

Sharing knowledge – Relieving powerty. Guided by this motto, INTERTEAM fights for better living conditions in poverty-stricken countries and to increase Switzerland’s solidarity with people in the south. Since 1964.

At the heart of our commitment is the transfer of knowledge, skills and experience to partner organisations. To this end, INTERTEAM organises work assignments for qualified professionals who carry out development work in Africa or Latin America. Together we tread new paths and create a sound basis for improving the living conditions of the local population in the long term.

Approximately 55 specialists with professional experience are working for INTERTEAM. Although working on a non-profit-base, we are greatly committed to our work. For two to five years, we contribute our social and professional competence to the local partner organizations in the south.


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