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postheadericon Where to buy cigarettes

So today I wanted to go and buy some fruits like bananas and mango as well as some bread and – if possible – some cigarettes. In our street, there is one little shop after the other. Some are like tiny, little supermarkets, some sell fruits, others just eggs and milk, stuff for painting and cleaning, there are hairdresser and make up-studios, little bars, you can buy garden supplies and so on.

So I went to the first little „supermarket“, bought some bread and asked, where I could buy cigarettes. The owner told me something I could not understand at all and gestured „down the road“. OK, no problem. In an other shop I bought the fruits and some tomatoes and asked again, where I could buy some cigarettes. He (I guess) told me the same and gestured „down the road“. So I went from one shop to the next, to bars and so on and kindly asked, where I could buy cigarettes. At least I saw that I was nearly at the end of the road, there was only a butchery left. Living chickens outside, dead chickens and some eggs inside. I guessed, the shopmen didn’t either not know, who is selling cigarettes in the street and didn’t want to let me know that they don’t know, or they just wanted to send me away. Anyhow, I stepped into the butchery and asked where I could buy cigarettes. The butcher smiled: „You can buy cigarettes here – for sure!“.

Lesson learned – never be led by prejudice!  😀