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postheadericon INTERTEAM Rundbrief Nummer 4

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Viel Spass beim Lesen!
Rundbrief Nr 4_Susan Waltisberg

postheadericon World Water Day 2016 in Shirati

On March 22nd, Maji Safi Group celebrated World Water Day (WWD) in Shirati, Tanzania and Denver, Colorado. WWD was created by the UN to spread awareness about water-related issues, to inspire us to improve our personal water-related habits, and to encourage people to protect and preserve one of life’s most essential resources.

In Shirati, Tanzania, we celebrated water and taught over 1,000 community different ways to attain clean and safe water. In the market area we set up five demonstration tents to teach the community about SODIS, ceramic filters, using chlorine tablets, and boiling and filtering water. We even took this opportunity to teach community members about female hygiene and managing waste. Each tent was equipped with interactive demonstrations that allow community members to identify the best way to provide clean and safe water for their family at home.

To make the day even more fun, we invited community artists to perform. These artists participated in last year’s Shirati’s Got Talent event. Community members also enjoyed watching educational videos about Maji Safi Group and water related issues.

We look forward to another year of educating the community about the importance of water!

postheadericon Maji Safi Group’s Highlights of 2015

We were all really busy within Maji Safi Group during the last year. I am proud of my colleagues work and thankful, being part of their team.

Here are some last year’s highlights.

16/07/2015: Mereciana giving information to a mother

16/07/2015: Mereciana giving information to a mother

postheadericon Our work in cholera regions

Since the beginning of December 2015, Maji Safi Group is out in the field again, teaching and informing thousands of people. At marketplaces, where the fishermen meet, at schools, at family homes, as a part of village meetings etc. The big difference to our work we did in April/May, is, that we enlarged the aerea, we do our work again. For a whole week, the Community Health Worker stayed in Musoma and taught hundreds of citizens in that region. Musoma is about 2,5 hours drive by car from Shirati away.

But this time, we work even closer together with the governement. Maji Safi Group was asked from official side, to support the governement in the fight against cholera. Every day, we receive the actual data about new cases, how many sick people stay in hospitals, how many were released from hospitals, died or are still in „bedstate“.

Maji Safi Group is actually supported by the governement with first aid supplies (such as ORS, gloves etc.), flyers, posters and fuel for the car. From the WHO, we received teaching material, which is now daily in use. But as not all the costs are covered, our colleagues in the US are very busy trying to find money and donators.

The Community Health Workers did just have a short break on Christmas Day and New Year’s Day – and worked all other days. It is impressing, how motivated they are. They are really tired by now and some of them started compensating overtime and getting some holidays. As they definitely need to rest and recover, we have a rotation system, that all of them can get some holidays.

At the moment, it looks like the number of cases is going down. But we just read a report from the UN and the WHO, concerning the El Niño-phenomenon (read also this article). Due to the weather conditions, there is a high possibility, that the cases will raise again and other diseases may break out as well. So we just hope, that we will soon have a bit time to go back to work „as usual“, with our different programs for the citizens of Shirati and that Tanzania will not be hit by more diseases.

postheadericon We fight against cholera again

In August 2015, the first new cholera cases were recorded in Tanzania. Read this article about this new, heavy outbreak.


postheadericon Nipo!

„Nipo!“ is Kiswahili and means „I am here!“. It is also used in greetings, as answer to the question „Upo?“. Maybe you thought already, I disappeared… No way, I have a busy, funny, adventurous life out here. I am completely fine. But I have had real heavy problems with internet connections. But, keep your fingers crossed that it last for a long time, it seems, my struggles have an end. A new company (origin from Korea or so…) is establishing network (phone and internet) in Tanzania. They fight quite agressive against the long established player on the Tanzanian market. In rural aereas, we profit a lot of that strategy: we finally have a quite good working internet connection out here. The company even sets up new antennas in many places.

And here, we all are excited and happy to have new and more antennas – while in Switzerland many people fight hard against it. But if you have a real need, things look different, as always.

So now, that I have better chances to get online than just wrote some words on Facebook (this tool works even with the slowest connections sometimes), I will catch up with some stories and let you know about actual „going-ons“ in and around Shirati.

postheadericon Siku ya Kunawa Mikono Duniani 2015

If the internet is willing, I can update you about the Global Handwashing Day. On October 15th, we’ve celebrated again. It was already the second time since I’ve started to work in Shirati. Also this time we’ve visited schools and taught students of all ages in the eight steps of proper handwashing. In the afternoon there was a big party at the Maji Safi Group’s office in Shirati, the children played, draw paintings and were taught about disease prevention and for sure, handwashing.

In comparison to last year’s Siku ya Kunawa, it was a complete different event for me. Last year, I hardly understood the language, had not much experience in the work of Maji Safi Group and did not feel really helpful… This time, I knew a lot more and could support the Community Health Workers and get in interaction with the children. It was a successful event for Maji Safi and for myself.

postheadericon Miss Maji Safi 2015

On October 3, over 450 Shirati community members gathered at the Maji Safi Group office to partake in the third annual Miss Maji Safi competition. During the event, women of all ages united to break the silence about female health and hygiene. Young women and Community Health Workers from the MSG Female Hygiene Program worked tirelessly to create original songs and dances about the importance of female hygiene. They also performed skits about girls starting their first period at school and preventing early pregnancies. The MSG Singing & Dance group joined the celebration by singing original songs and poems about stopping open defecation and preventing disease.

The big finale of the event came when the guest judges announced the 2015 Miss Maji Safi and Miss Mabalozi. I was really happy, to have Linda Stamm from Musoma as one of our judges. So we could spend another great weekend together, as she and Florian stayed at my place…

Contestants were judged on their confidence, their ability to talk to the public about sensitive issues, and their knowledge of female hygiene and WASH. We are excited to announce that Robi Benjamin was chosen as this year’s Miss Maji Safi, and Mereciana Kenedy was named Miss Mabalozi. Congratulations to the winners and a huge thank you to all the participants!

postheadericon One Year with Maji Safi Group

A year has passed so fast… Read about my working experience on Maji Safi Group’s blog.


postheadericon Rundbrief Nummer 3

In meinem dritten ofiziellen Rundbrief habe ich Zahlen zu unserem Einsatz während des Cholera-Ausbruchs zusammengefasst und berichte über die Health Screenings, die im Juli und August statt fanden. Zudem gebe ich euch einen Einblick, wie wir in „Luoland“ feiern. Viel Spass beim Lesen!

Rundbrief_03 Susan Waltisberg


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