postheadericon World Water Day 2016 in Shirati

On March 22nd, Maji Safi Group celebrated World Water Day (WWD) in Shirati, Tanzania and Denver, Colorado. WWD was created by the UN to spread awareness about water-related issues, to inspire us to improve our personal water-related habits, and to encourage people to protect and preserve one of life’s most essential resources.

In Shirati, Tanzania, we celebrated water and taught over 1,000 community different ways to attain clean and safe water. In the market area we set up five demonstration tents to teach the community about SODIS, ceramic filters, using chlorine tablets, and boiling and filtering water. We even took this opportunity to teach community members about female hygiene and managing waste. Each tent was equipped with interactive demonstrations that allow community members to identify the best way to provide clean and safe water for their family at home.

To make the day even more fun, we invited community artists to perform. These artists participated in last year’s Shirati’s Got Talent event. Community members also enjoyed watching educational videos about Maji Safi Group and water related issues.

We look forward to another year of educating the community about the importance of water!

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