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postheadericon A bit of Safari Life

My days are usually filled with daily routine and a lot of work – as it may be all over the world. Housework may be a bit more difficult, time taking and stronger than somewhere in the first world. But all in all, after a time, you loose the feeling of „doing something special“ or having a special life.

But even so, I never forget, that I am living in a such wonderful place and that I am blessed to have the chance to see „my“ country from time to time. On Easter Holiday, I enjoyed another bit of Safari Life. Together with my Swiss Family, the Interteam Development Workers Linda and Florian from Musoma, I travelled to Lake Natron. Linda and Flo have that huge Land Cruiser, in which everything needed for safari fits in: fuel for the car, water, food, tents, gaz cooker, kitchen equipment, tools and so on.

We started in Musoma and took one of the roads passing the Serengeti. The gate we entered Tanzanias best knwon and biggest National Parc is not very popular to tourists and not very much used. It was quite hard to find someone to get the permission and paying the park fee was not possible at all. But that is not a problem at all, as you have to show your permission by leaving anyway again and at the gate, we planned to leave the parc, there is a propre office…

After miles and miles passing the savannah (spotting elephants, giraffes, buffalos, antilopes, zebras, gnus, warthogs, bushpigs, kudus, oryx, vultures and many more habitants of the Serengeti) and spending a night in a rather cold place called Waso, we reached Lake Natron. Not without having a flat tire in the middle of nowhere. But Linda and Florian are real „fundis“ and can fix everything on their car, I guess. At Ngare Sero we found a place where they could fix the tire and a campground with really good sanitation facilities and friendly Maasai hosts. As we were travelling out of the touristic season, we were the only guests there and enjoyed our time. At sunrise, we went with our guide to the lake, enjoyed the view of the sun rising behind a mountain and spotted the flamingos, Lake Natron is famous for. Even it was not breeding season when the lake is crowded of flamingos, there were quite many of them. At the lake shore, we spotted zebras, gnus and giraffes.

On our way back from Lake Natron, we stayed in the Serengeti over night. There are some lodges and different styles of campgrounds in the National Parc. Public Campgrounds are areas, where you find a covered place to eat, toilets and showers and sometimes covered sheds for your tent. That’s it. There is no fence, no ranger, no host – just you and the creatures of the Serengeti. And (out of season!) we were just the three of us out there in the wilderness under the most beautiful stars sprinkled sky. Going to toilet in pairs… Not locking the car to have the chance to jump in, in case an unfriendly „visitor“ is looking for food or so… At night, buffalos were grazing around our tents and shortly before sunrise, a bunny was hopping around the place.

We enjoyed our holidays, thankful being in a country, where your „backyard“ is like paradise may have been before human beings messed it up… Now back in daily routine, we all have some new plans in our minds.

postheadericon World Water Day 2016 in Shirati

On March 22nd, Maji Safi Group celebrated World Water Day (WWD) in Shirati, Tanzania and Denver, Colorado. WWD was created by the UN to spread awareness about water-related issues, to inspire us to improve our personal water-related habits, and to encourage people to protect and preserve one of life’s most essential resources.

In Shirati, Tanzania, we celebrated water and taught over 1,000 community different ways to attain clean and safe water. In the market area we set up five demonstration tents to teach the community about SODIS, ceramic filters, using chlorine tablets, and boiling and filtering water. We even took this opportunity to teach community members about female hygiene and managing waste. Each tent was equipped with interactive demonstrations that allow community members to identify the best way to provide clean and safe water for their family at home.

To make the day even more fun, we invited community artists to perform. These artists participated in last year’s Shirati’s Got Talent event. Community members also enjoyed watching educational videos about Maji Safi Group and water related issues.

We look forward to another year of educating the community about the importance of water!