postheadericon Our work in cholera regions

Since the beginning of December 2015, Maji Safi Group is out in the field again, teaching and informing thousands of people. At marketplaces, where the fishermen meet, at schools, at family homes, as a part of village meetings etc. The big difference to our work we did in April/May, is, that we enlarged the aerea, we do our work again. For a whole week, the Community Health Worker stayed in Musoma and taught hundreds of citizens in that region. Musoma is about 2,5 hours drive by car from Shirati away.

But this time, we work even closer together with the governement. Maji Safi Group was asked from official side, to support the governement in the fight against cholera. Every day, we receive the actual data about new cases, how many sick people stay in hospitals, how many were released from hospitals, died or are still in „bedstate“.

Maji Safi Group is actually supported by the governement with first aid supplies (such as ORS, gloves etc.), flyers, posters and fuel for the car. From the WHO, we received teaching material, which is now daily in use. But as not all the costs are covered, our colleagues in the US are very busy trying to find money and donators.

The Community Health Workers did just have a short break on Christmas Day and New Year’s Day – and worked all other days. It is impressing, how motivated they are. They are really tired by now and some of them started compensating overtime and getting some holidays. As they definitely need to rest and recover, we have a rotation system, that all of them can get some holidays.

At the moment, it looks like the number of cases is going down. But we just read a report from the UN and the WHO, concerning the El Niño-phenomenon (read also this article). Due to the weather conditions, there is a high possibility, that the cases will raise again and other diseases may break out as well. So we just hope, that we will soon have a bit time to go back to work „as usual“, with our different programs for the citizens of Shirati and that Tanzania will not be hit by more diseases.

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