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„Nipo!“ is Kiswahili and means „I am here!“. It is also used in greetings, as answer to the question „Upo?“. Maybe you thought already, I disappeared… No way, I have a busy, funny, adventurous life out here. I am completely fine. But I have had real heavy problems with internet connections. But, keep your fingers crossed that it last for a long time, it seems, my struggles have an end. A new company (origin from Korea or so…) is establishing network (phone and internet) in Tanzania. They fight quite agressive against the long established player on the Tanzanian market. In rural aereas, we profit a lot of that strategy: we finally have a quite good working internet connection out here. The company even sets up new antennas in many places.

And here, we all are excited and happy to have new and more antennas – while in Switzerland many people fight hard against it. But if you have a real need, things look different, as always.

So now, that I have better chances to get online than just wrote some words on Facebook (this tool works even with the slowest connections sometimes), I will catch up with some stories and let you know about actual „going-ons“ in and around Shirati.

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