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postheadericon Siku ya Kunawa Mikono Duniani 2015

If the internet is willing, I can update you about the Global Handwashing Day. On October 15th, we’ve celebrated again. It was already the second time since I’ve started to work in Shirati. Also this time we’ve visited schools and taught students of all ages in the eight steps of proper handwashing. In the afternoon there was a big party at the Maji Safi Group’s office in Shirati, the children played, draw paintings and were taught about disease prevention and for sure, handwashing.

In comparison to last year’s Siku ya Kunawa, it was a complete different event for me. Last year, I hardly understood the language, had not much experience in the work of Maji Safi Group and did not feel really helpful… This time, I knew a lot more and could support the Community Health Workers and get in interaction with the children. It was a successful event for Maji Safi and for myself.