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postheadericon Health Screenings – Update

After 4 1/2 weeks, we finished this year’s health screening with a testing day at the primary school in Sota. During the time we had the health screenings, the Maji Safi Group team was either at the office preparing the next testing days or out in schools to test students and family members. On two days, we also held screenings at our office.

With this first health screening and mass treatment we reached 3068 people in Shirati. We worked together with staff from the Rorya District Medical Office as well as with laboratory technicians, nurses and doctors from the KMT District Hospital in Shirati. 949 people from 210 families who have been, or will be, participants in the MSG programs were screened, as well as 2119 students from four primary schools (1 private and 3 governmental) who have received education from Maji Safi Group.

It was a tough time for all of us, working hard and on long shifts. But we also had fun together, made jokes and found time to chat. One of the most important strengths of Maji Safi Group is a team, that works together extremely well.

I have put together some more impressions about that time. The pictures of me were taken by Christoph Stulz.