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postheadericon Kusafisha mazingira

Rubbish, waste, takataka – however you call it, in rural Tanzania, the best way to get rid of it, is to burn it. In your backyard, in the middle of villages, wherever. We do not have a collecting system or recycling places. Many people do not believe me, when I tell them, there is poison in batteries and we should not burn or bury them or throw them into the lake. Another problem is all that plastic: bags, bottles etc. (brought by wazungu, but that’s another story) and littering.

But in Shirati, there are some people, who want to see a change and live in a cleaner community. They want to clean their community for better living conditions. On March 4, they met at the office of Maji Safi Group and started in one neighborhood cleaning the road from takataka. Already 24 volunteers started on Wednesday and as we were „on the road“, many more signed in to join us next time. The group of volunteers wants to meet twice a month for an afternoon of „kusafisha mazingira“. Maji Safi Group will support the group with tools, gloves and clean drinking water after work.

postheadericon Maji Safi Cup – First tournament in 2015

The first Maji Safi Cup-tournament in 2015 has already started with the women’s tournament in netball. The Maji Safi-team won it’s first match against Kabwana 6:0. I have promised my colleagues, if they win the tournament and get the trophy-goat, I will slaughter the goat myself. And that we will have a big party. So I am a bit afraid, that our team is going to win the goat. I mean, until now I am not even able to kill a little bat…

As usual, all participants and spectators are taught in WASH and disease prevention before each match. And don’t worry, if you see no net on the pictures – there was no net. Even the game is called „netball“ – I confess, I do not yet understand the rules.