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postheadericon Shirati wana vipaji – semi-final and final

After the semi-final on Valentine’s Day, contestants Double A, Joyce Thomas, Key Star, Chocolate Classics and Five Star competed on Monday, February 16th 2015 for the title of the first winner of Shirati wana vipaji (Shirati’s Got Talent). All participants had to answer questions about Water, Sanitation and Hygiene and how to prevent disease, as well as performed a Maji Safi related performance and presented their own talent, either a song or dance. MSG’s Community Health Workers supported MC Jared in teaching the audience between the performances to give the judges time to talk about the candidates. By the end of the final the judges had made their decision — 3rd place: Five Star, 2nd place: Joyce Thomas, 1st place: Double A. MSG congratulate all participants of the auditions, semi-final and final for sharing their talents with the public and looks forward to the next Shirati wana vipaji.

The pictures were taken by Lilian, Jacky and Christoph, as I was one of the judges on both days. We all worked hard but had so much fun. And the people of Shirati are so talented! At least, most of them who came to the auditions…

postheadericon Shirati wana vipaji

The US have „America’s got Talent“, Germany has „Deutschland sucht den Superstar“ and Shirati has as of now „Shirati wana vipaji“. On Saturday, February 7th, we’ve welcomed about 200 citizens of Shirati at the office of Maji Safi Group for the first auditions. Before performing their talents in acting, dancing or singing, all 50 participants were taught in WASH by the Community Health Workers. The semi-final will be next Saturday and on Monday, February 16th, the finalists will present their acts in front of a public audience at the Obwere Bus Stand in Shirati. At the final, they will not only perform their talent but also show a WASH related act, which will be judged as well. We are looking forward to have a „homemade talent“ who will also be a bit „Balozi wa Maji Safi“.

From the semi-final and the final we will have a professional video made, at the auditions Lilian, Jacky and I took a lot of pictures. This selection of them gives you a good impression about the event (the pictures are not all in the right order – sorry for that, I have some troubles with my computer):