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postheadericon Meine erste Kolumne online lesen

Meine erste Kolumne, die morgen in der Printausgabe der Luzerner Rundschau erscheint, könnt ihr schon jetzt online lesen:

Viel Vergnügen!

postheadericon Cooking lesson

Today, we’ve had the special pleisure to be teached in cooking chapati at school. Mai, one of our teachers, showed us how to prepare one of the most well known Tanzanian dishes. Thank you so much, Mai!

Soon I will leave Dar Es Salaam for going to Shirati and start working. And I am glad to know how to prepare chapati – and ugali, pilau, mchicha… I have learned so many things apart from Kiswahili. From our teachers at the sdl Swahili Dar Language School as well as from new friends I have met in Dar Es Salaam. I really do feel blessed.


postheadericon Vorinfo: Kolumne in der „Luzerner Rundschau“, Ausgabe vom 29.08.2014

Am 29. August sollte in der Luzerner Rundschau meine erste Kolumne erscheinen. Wenn ihr also in Luzern seid, besorgt euch eine Zeitung! Am Schwanenplatz und an der Obergrundstrasse stehen Boxen – ich nehme an, es gibt noch weitere in der Stadt. Falls die Kolumne auch in der Online-Ausgabe zu lesen ist, werde ich den Link hier publizieren.

postheadericon Step by step

Since 4 1/2 weeks I am now in Dar Es Salaam, studying Kiswahili. Mornings I go to school to be teached in new topics, in the afternoons I study by myself and do my homework. Day by day – and still afraid, that I won’t be able to talk to people, when I will leave Dar Es Salaam at the end of this month. But sometimes I am quite happy about the progress: the first phone call in Kiswahili for example. Or today at the supermarket. The shopping mall „Shoppers Plaza“ has a well sorted supermarket with nearly everything you would like to buy. So you find many „wazungu“ (not-Tanzanians) there, looking for products „from home“. Anyway, today, for the first time, the cashier did not answer my Kiswahili questions about her well-being in English, she talked to me in Kiswahili! And asked me, if I had a bonus card (or so – if I understood correctly…) and asked me for coins to be able to give me the correct amount of money back (can be sometimes tricky, if you pay TSH 40’000.00 for an amount of TSH 37’560.00, and there are not many coins available). To be honest, it was maybe not a big thing. But it made my day for sure!

Me and my teacher at school

Me and my teacher at school

postheadericon 1. August – Swiss National Day

I have been invited by the embassy of Switzerland to celebrate the Swiss National Day at the residence of the Swiss ambassador in Dar Es Salaam. After speeches and greetings there were drinks, roasted sausages and – typically Swiss – Raclette served. With potatoes and cucumbers and onions in acid. Just like at home. A local band was playing and in a relaxed atmosphere was it easy to meet people.

I am sorry for the bad quality of the pics. The light situation was not ideal to take pictures with the smartphone.


postheadericon Chakula cha mchana shuleni

For Kiswahili students from Japan was today their last day at school. Therefore our teachers invited us for lunch (chakula cha mchana) at the school (shuleni). All teachers not busy teaching, cooked the whole morning (they started at 6:00 a.m.) or prepared barbecue. So when classes ended at 12.00, there was a huge buffet with Tanzanian specialities ready. It was so delicious! Asante sana. We are really like a big family at the sdl!