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postheadericon Zanzibar – a weekend to remember

Due to a public holiday, I have had a long weekend. So after nearly a year, I returned to Zanzibar for spending lazy days on the island. This time, I was teached about the differences between Kangas and Kitenges. And most of all, I have learned about hospitality on Zanzibar. On Sunday, I have met a few young men. They meet each other every day in a public garden, to study German together. Because it’s sometimes hard to fine someone on Zanzibar, who speaks German. I was invited to „teach“ them somehow for a while, which was a pleisure for me (my Kiswahili teachers would have preferred it the other way round…). Afterwards, Abdalla, one of the students, invited me for dinner with his family. First, I was bit uncertain, if I could accept this invitation or not. It was still Ramadan and I thought, they would maybe not be that happy, to have a Mzungu for dinner. But I accepted. So I have had the pleisure and honour to have a real Zanzibar-dinner with a local family. They were all so kind, friendly and generous. The food was delicious and I felt so welcomed. And I have had then the chance, to practice my Kiswahili. I sure will remember this weekend on the island!

Some of the pictures are from last year – I thought, it’s boring, to do the same pics again.

postheadericon Nyumba ya wageni Dar Es Salaam

While studying Kiswahili in Dar Es Salaam, I live in the guest house (nyumba ya wageni) of an Italian NGO called CO.P.E. (cooperazione paesi emergenti). CO.P.E. supports projects in the Tanzanian districts Iringa and Ruvuma, both in the south of Tanzania.

On the pictures you see the terrace, parts of the living room and my bedroom. My bedroom is a large room with two bunk beds and a bathroom en-suite. So I live really comfortable here. Raffaella takes care of us all: preparing breakfast, laundry service, homework teacher and so on. Always with a smile on her face. Maybe she let me show you a picture of her – I’ll ask her!


postheadericon Where to buy cigarettes

So today I wanted to go and buy some fruits like bananas and mango as well as some bread and – if possible – some cigarettes. In our street, there is one little shop after the other. Some are like tiny, little supermarkets, some sell fruits, others just eggs and milk, stuff for painting and cleaning, there are hairdresser and make up-studios, little bars, you can buy garden supplies and so on.

So I went to the first little „supermarket“, bought some bread and asked, where I could buy cigarettes. The owner told me something I could not understand at all and gestured „down the road“. OK, no problem. In an other shop I bought the fruits and some tomatoes and asked again, where I could buy some cigarettes. He (I guess) told me the same and gestured „down the road“. So I went from one shop to the next, to bars and so on and kindly asked, where I could buy cigarettes. At least I saw that I was nearly at the end of the road, there was only a butchery left. Living chickens outside, dead chickens and some eggs inside. I guessed, the shopmen didn’t either not know, who is selling cigarettes in the street and didn’t want to let me know that they don’t know, or they just wanted to send me away. Anyhow, I stepped into the butchery and asked where I could buy cigarettes. The butcher smiled: „You can buy cigarettes here – for sure!“.

Lesson learned – never be led by prejudice!  😀

postheadericon First day at school

I am back to school – and feel like a 7 year old child… Until the end of august I will go to the Swahili Dar Language School. Teachers and staff are really nice, helpful and patient. And least on the first day.  😉


postheadericon Education in Tanzania

During the introduction week, we’ve had the chance to visit a governemental elementary and a secondary school in Mwanza. In elementary schools, teacher try to teach the children without any material. Computer lessons for example are held on the base of books – also some teachers know the using of computer mouse not by working with it, just by reading about the functions. In elementary school, the children often have one lesson in English education per week, but on secondary school level, all topics are teached in English. So a good examination is really hard to get! Those who can afford it send their children to private or international schools for getting a better education for them.


postheadericon Introduction Time

This first week, I live in Mwanza at the house of an other INTERTEAM-development worker. She shares her house, garden, kitchen and fridge with me. We spend evenings on the veranda, drinking wine and talk about Tanzania, our work and many other topics. The last few days, I was teached in cultural topics, specifics about the NGO and the tasks waiting for me as well as in cooking traditional dishes like Ugali, mchicha, fried fish and even more. Today, I could visit the Bugando Medical Centre, the biggest hospital in the Lake Zone and had an introduction in health issues. Tomorrow will follow an introduction in education, as health and education are two of the main topics INTERTEAM is supporting in NGOs in Tanzania.

The welcoming was so warm and friendly, I feel like at home. Even still a bit like on holidays. These pictures I have taken from a place, no tourist will ever have the chance to be: I was standing on the rooftop of the Bugando hospital and had this spectacular view over Mwanza.

WP_20140708_004[1]    WP_20140708_002[1]


postheadericon Arrival in Tanzania

Finally, I arrived in Mwanza, after stopovers in Nairobi and Dar Es Salaam. During daytime, the temperature is at about 30 degrees Celsius, in the early morning hours it’s a bit chilly, but refreshing. Yesterday, I’ve enjoyed my first sunset at the Lake Victoria and tomorrow I will be at the food market. Soon I will let you see my place to stay for the first week.

Nairobi to Dar Es Salaam