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postheadericon Interview online lesen

Für alle, die keine Papierausgabe erwischt haben und das Interview trotzdem lesen möchten:



postheadericon 16. Mai: Interview in der Luzerner Rundschau

Dies ist für alle Luzerner und Luzernerinnen:

Am nächsten Freitag erscheint ein Interview von mir in der Luzerner Rundschau. Dort werde ich auch eine Kolumne haben, diese startet Mitte Juli. Also: Rundschau lesen!

postheadericon Just overwhelming

On Tuesday, there was my bye-bye-party at the office. There were so many People, real friends I’ve made during the last 8 years. The party started early and ended late… The atmosphere was extremely  friendly and positive – also my co-workers told me so. I am deeply impressed about so much niceness and also about the generousity: they put money together so I can  buy now a new camera to share great pics of my time with all of you. Thank you for giving me such a special time!

postheadericon Tanzania – 2013

Last year, I’ve spent a great time in Tanzania. I’m looking forward to new adventures!


postheadericon Welcome!

I’m happy, we could realize this page. So we can stay in touch. Right now, I’m 5 days before quitting my job. In about a week, I will finally be able to fully concentrate my mind, my time and my efforts for closing open chapters in my life here in Switzerland and getting ready to leave.